Blog 2 – The Cast and Crew

I’ll be interviewing Scott(leader and founder of Southern Idaho LARP Council in the Rexburg Branch) along with other members of the crew to get a better insight into the LARPing Realm.


Scott Harper                        Ty Pemberton                     Benjamin Seare

I pulled these photos directly from LARPers Facebook profile pictures. You can see it’s not just a game to them but this is their way of life. Source: Southern Idaho LARP Council (Rexburg Branch) – Official Facebook Page.


And so it begins…

My documentary is going to be about Larping(Live Action Role Play). Last summer I met Scott Harper(leader of the Rexburg larping group). I was extremely curious to learn more about what it was that they do so my friends and I spent a day trying out larping for the first time.

Here’s a video to see us amateurs playing:

Here’s another video I made for one of their campaigns.

There will be more to come this semester.


Photobook COMM300

My Portfolio Book has been a great learning process. This semester at school has helped provide me with so many great and important principles of photography.

I feel more confident in my understanding of how to take more professional photos. I learned everything from portrait photography to using Macro lenses and I look forward to using and improving my skills in the future to come.