Blog 3 – Rexburg vs Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls and the Rexburg LARP groups have teamed up to battle one with another. They’ve dedicated themselves to their activity which has made filming them both a treat and a fun spectacle.


I quickly learned that shooting on a wide angle lens is much more ideal in these battles because there’s so much movement and I unfortunately missed a lot of good fights because of my tight shots. Second thing I learned is I either need to get my hands on some kind of stabilizer or gimbal because using a tripod has been difficult because there’s much more cardio in this activity than I anticipated.


I decided to simply observe this last Saturday as the teams fought. The plan is to immerse myself in their game and get more familiar with the players because I’m hoping they’ll feel more inclined to open up in their future interviews if I get to know them and take an interest in their sport.


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