Portrait Photography


Individual Side Composition – I stood far away, zoomed in. He was more than 20 feet away from and trees making them blurred. I placed my subject in the right hand corner and angled him inward and had him tilt his head back so he wouldn’t look feminine. 1/100 5.6


Individual Head and shoulders shot – I gave my subject leading lines with the cement fence. I also zoomed in to great a blur for the background leaving just my subject in focus. 1/160 5.6


Individual full body shot – 1/500 3.5


Group Activity – Tripod 1/100 4


Group Posed – Tripod 1/800 3.5


Individual Environment Photography – This is easily my favorite style of portraits. I like taking photos of people doing what they do best. Very fun. 1/50 3.5


Portrait Enhancements – I cleaned up some zits from his face and he had a big cut on his head that I removed. I left his defining features like his moles. 1/6 5.6


Match Color – Before and After. Fixed the over exposed and washed out colors. 1/400 5.6jordanchristensen-original-washed-out-photojordanchristensen-color-match


Replace Color – Before and After. Changing the color of his t-shirt. 1/20 3.5



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