Close Up & Personal


I’m glad we got a chance to work with macro because I love seeing things your normal eyes can’t like the very small details. I took this photo indoors with a water eye dropper, extra up close light and macro lens. Camera Settings: 1/60 5.6 100


This is a shoot of a fruit with some water droplets used with a eye dropper. I had to whip it clean to make it dry because the water kept dripping off the plant. I added some light and shoot this with 4 macro lens extensions. Camera Settings: 1/200 5.6 100


I would of never noticed all the little scratches on the coin if I hadn’t used a macro lens extensions. There’s an incredible amount of detail put into the shapes and lines in these coins that are incredibly fascinating. Shoot indoors, extra lighting, 4 extensions. Camera Settings: 1/160 5.6 100


I love that objects can quickly become unrecognizable because we can’t see what a macro camera lens can capture. The object in the back blurred is a kiwi. Camera Settings: 1/250 5.6 100


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