I tried creating a skull collage but found it rather difficult to find 12 pictures without a macro lens so I dug through some old boxes and found this. I decided to go retro and create a Sega Genesis collage. This project turned out to be much more difficult than I expected I tried using the room lights but all my images looked awful so I turned them off and used window lighting and the images turned out much better.


Photos in my collage:


Extra Images:


Texture Blend Photosjordanchristensen_texture


I got my texture at After trying multiple different backgrounds and ideas I came across this cracked image that I placed on top of my image then I set it to over lay on my image. Then I erased any overlay that touched either the subject or the white to make it look like the bed sheets are all old and cracked. Create a solid image for the game system and the world around it in ruins.


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