Motion – Freeze & Blur


I created a portal. With a Tripod, I was able to capture this late at night with a flash light moving it in circular motion and walking slowly away from the camera. Shutter Speed-30 F-5 ISO-100


I thought it be fun to create shapes and I created this montage of hearts after messing around with the settings and trying to draw different shapes I finally came up with this. I used a flash light and a tripod and shot this in the dark. Shutter Speed-30 F-4 ISO-100


I was playing catch with my brothers dog and noticed that it would be a great motion shot because she’s always running super fast. After and hour of chasing the dog down I finally got her face frozen in the air. Shutter Speed-1/30 F-3.5 ISO-100


After many failed attempts, I finally captured this car, it almost looks like it’s stopped but you can tell it’s moving because of the blurred moving background. Shutter Speed-1/30 F-18 ISO-100


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