Past Photos

I’m Jordan Christensen from a town called Waunakee, WI. I’m a cheese head and a Green Bay Packers fan. I’m 25 and I love movies. My dad gave me my first video camera when I was 12 years old and all I’ve ever done since is make videos.erik-j-hill-photography-employee-photos-jpg-153

I hope to expand my skills in other areas than film and learn more about being a professional photographer. I took some photography classes at the LDS Business College and COMM 130 but I feel I’ve forgotten most of what I’ve learned.

Here’s some of my work


I entered in a class competition to win a free crown burger milk shake for the best shadow photography and I won with this photo. I loved setting up the scene for a photo, it was like I was on set for a video shoot.


I love to try and get an emotional response from people. I usually use humor but I got this shoot just after my best friend returned home from the military and he surprised my mother on thanksgiving day.


I learned the power of photo shop. I was able to remove all the ugly distractions like trash and power cables from this photo.


I was given the assignment to take photos of an object and learn to white balance a photo. I thought it’d be fun to turn it into a creative project rather than a boring one and ended up with this.


I took some family portraits which turned out alright but I’d like to learn to make them more professional. I didn’t keep the RAW file to this photo so I wasn’t able to fix the shadow on my brother in laws face. Lesson learned always back up your RAW photo files.



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