Awkward Nick and his Drums

This is a story about a weird, oddball BYUI college student who has found himself among the on stage crowd. He’s taken himself outside of his comfort zone and into a world that rocks. He’s played for I-Cover, Last Voice Standing and other on campus events. He loves to jam but what he loves even more are the people he plays for and with. He really connects with the audience and the people he plays with. Playing the drums is more than just hitting things he gets to express himself and cultivate and strengthen his relationships with others.

Here’s a link to an I-Cover Event that Nick performed at called I-Cover:

Here’s a link to see more about the last voice standing were Nick performed:

Behind the Scenes: I heard Nick rocking out in the living room with some of his friends and he invited me to one of his rehearsals and I brought my camera and got some really cool shots because on stage they have such great lighting. I heard some of his music and I thought he would be a great person to talk about. He was very outgoing and fun to talk to and it’s fun to get to hear more about him and what his fun goofy friends think about him as well.


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