Copy Rights

In my observations I’ve noticed a great deal of logos on everything we own. There’s a brand name stamped right across almost everything. I’ve noticed them a great deal lately because I’ve been making commercials for local companies here in rexburg and I’m trying to make sure that I either let my actors know to not wear things that have flashing brand names because I don’t want any issues with these brands and copy rights. It stressed me out realizing how many things have their logos all over them because I don’t know who will come after me if I use a movie prop that I didn’t make with my own two hands. Even shooting a video on school property you can get in trouble for. There’s buildings, t-shirts, food brands, shoe names, movies, pictures, etc. The list never ends. It almost made me want to change my major because of how many things to be aware of when it comes to working in the media world.


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