Project 6: Stationery

By: Jordan Christensen



Business Card (8.5×11 layout):


Business Card (Large layout):


Description: This project took a lot of time because it involved both coming up with a image and design and what would look good on a card and Letterhead. All designed in Adobe Illustrator.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): The process was first sketching out possible ideas. Then I had to use skills from the last assignment using Adobe Illustrator and even improve on the previous design. I would start from scratch and design something completely on my own. Not talking any images from the internet but a simple observation of ideas around me then using loads of shapes and to form in this case a piece of buttered bread. I wanted the watermark to not be over done so I had to eliminate some of the shapes to make it simple but making sure you still knew what the image was. I wanted the colors to both look appealing so I used something not brown but a little bit lighter and happier. I tied the the title with a wavy water mark as well to tile and connect the address with the title so it draws your eyes from the title to the information that will draw your audience in.

Message: The message conveyed is that when you think of the title and image you will associate it with a delicious backery with cakes and bread and the home made kind.

Audience: Anyone that likes to eat food especially people that like cakes and breads.

Top Thing Learned: I learned about the time and dedication it takes to put into your designs. I had to really set aside some time if I want to create anything visually appealing.

Color scheme and color names: Split complimentary, orange and blue

Title Font Name & Category: Nueva Std Slab serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Avenir Sans serif


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