Project 5 Logo


Description: The assignment this week was to design a logo using Adobe Illustrator. We were to come up with 3 logo themes then after a vote use one of them and redesign the logo using three colors schemes.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): The process included understanding the basics of Adobe Illustrator. I knew the company I wanted to design for but I had to figure out the best way to portray a bakery in the most simple form as possible. I didn’t want to overdo it. I first scketched out my ideas on paper then drew the design in Adobe Illustrator. I then choose the best font to match a girls bakery. It seemed only fitting to choose colors more red.

Message: I want people to look and get hungry for food and not confuse what it is that the restaurant is.

Audience: This is for anyone looking for a good bakery and and hungry for it.

Top Thing Learned: I learned that simplicity is the best for a logo.

Color Scheme and Color Names: Split complimentary -blue and orange, Monochromatic-red

Title / Body Font Names & Categories: Baskerville, Perpetua


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