Observation #5

I didn’t realize how much the media was changed on the account of valentines day. I understand Christmas and other holidays but I guess I didn’t see valentines day being a reason for all advertisements changing to fit the holiday. I mean, I even saw the new cartoon movie Zootopia’s commercial as a valentines day ad which is funny they even added scenes that aren’t in the movie just for the holiday. I never grew up with TV so may be that’s why I didn’t see this coming. I spent the day watching TV and seeing constant ads with a Valentines theme. I understand chocolate and flowers but even movie commercials that have nothing to do with the holiday are made to fit the theme because it was simply on the same day. I noticed at the theater yesterday that they even designed the new movie Deadpoll’s movie poster with him making a heart shape with his hands for Valentines day release even though it has nothing to do with the holiday. That’s using a holiday to your advantage in the ad world.


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