Blog #4

My observation in the media world for this week has been typography. I never knew how important the fonts can be in advertising. I just recently came upon a problem at work with a video I made concerning the font. I was first told to change it to a font that one person gave me then I was told to change it by someone else and it was a vicious cycle of chaos deciding simply what font to use. There are certain fonts that look like they’re yelling. Some that work well with other fonts and some that don’t. There are in some circumstances fonts that are used way to often. You see it in wedding brochures. You see it on little posters they has sticking in the grass and on the walls in classrooms. The fonts used in any printed adverts. It’s a world of words and fonts that are appealing to the eyes and what draw us in. They only need us to glance at it and the typography can either make or break your chance to grab that persons attention.


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