6 DSLR Photos & Photoshop


Outside Photo: I choose this as my outside photo because even though there weren’t many clouds it was both a great combination of outside, and rule of thirds. I liked that there is a faint light in the sign as well as faint white clouds off to the right and bottom

IMG_5534Inside Photo: I originally wanted to use the window light but after I turned off the light in my room and noticed my roommates ballon was glowing. I just loved the color and lighting so I choose this as my indoor photo and I thought it would stand out and be a very different and fun source of light.


Foreground in Focus: I choose this photo because I thought it be fun to focus on different types of technology. I originally wanted to take a picture of my camera but I needed it to take the picture so I just used my GoPro and iPhone instead.


Background in Focus: My brother has this old school radio and I thought it’s be fun to show how technology has changed drastically and how much smaller things have become. It’s crazy how small the iPhone is in comparison and how many more features it has.


Subject on one third grid lines: I wanted to make the photo as simple as possible so I took an old movie prop I purchased for a commercial and placed it at the front of the bed and tried to imagine the lines so I could place it as close to the rule of thirds as possible.


Lead Room: This was very difficult for me to accomplish. I really struggled to find a long enough wall or hall way and my bear poster wasn’t cooperating because it kept giving off a really bad glare. I tried covering the light but then it was too dark so I just angled the bear differently to help it.


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