Little did he know it would lead him to being an emmy winner and head of a multi level marketing company.

Who is Gary Langenheim? He is the head of the film department at LifeVantage, a multi level marketing company, emmy winner and living the dream.

When he speaks he means business, the clock is ticking, and every minute that goes by and he’s not working is another dollar wasted. He is living to make every minute count.

Where did Gary Langenheim start? Well he loves to surf and he had no idea what to do for a career because there wasn’t anyone paying people to surf.

He loved to ride the waves and wondered how he could make this hobby a paying job.

After much thought he decided to take a camera with him surfing.

He filmed and documented the events of his favorite hobby and people began to take notice of his work.

He turned his passion into a masterpiece that changed an everyday hobby into a lifestyle.

His work became very well known and people recognized his passion and they paid him for it.

With the hours and hours of perfecting his surfing videos they taught him skills that were later used to take him into a whole new world of film.

He made his way up from his hobby of surfing all the way to a multi-level marketing company working at the head of the film department.

He won an emmy on the account of his dedication to becoming the best at what he does and earned him the recognition and award he deserved.

Gary Langenheim is living proof that living your dream is possible if you put your mind to it.

Many people live in the doubt or disbelief that they could possibly be living their lives exactly how they dreamed.

Those that believe that are usually right because they become who they only believe to be.

Our minds control a great deal of our fate of where we end up in life.

So if we can only change the way we think and believe in something greater then just may be we can reach the dreams and make them a reality and no longer only fantasy’s of our minds.

We can stop only hoping for a better life but be living that life like Gary Langenheim has discovered for himself.

Him like many others throughout history prove that even the most unlikely or what seems impossible could just as well become a reality.

For years people believed that the world was flat and you would fall off the edge of the earth. Christopher Columbus however, in 1522 discovered the Americas proving that earth wasn’t flat.

For years people believed that disease was caused by poisonous air then in 1892 viruses were discovered.

Lord Kelvin said, “Heavier than air, flying machines are impossible” then in 1903 there was the first powered flight.

These, like many other examples in history, just go to show that no matter what the facts are you can make the impossible real and in some cases even change history.

History has proved over and over again that truly anything is possible.

No matter the doubts that may be filling the minds of every generation, there is huge evidence that proves otherwise.

In many ways Gary’s life is much like the product he sells.

History has proven anything can happen and a companies, like LifeVantage, the products that they make today have also proven the idea that anything is possible.

For years it was believed that direct antioxidants effectively neutralize free radicals but in 2003 the indirect antioxidant, Protandim, is the new ground breaking product that has proved antioxidant paradigm wrong.

Science has shown possibility for products like protandim. This is a product that is made by a company LiveVantage.

There is a supplement product that is evidence that nothing is impossible.

This product used by countless consumers today has proven time and time again that people can be cured of sicknesses and disease that wouldn’t normally be cured by any other means than these supplements.

Even after losing all hope in FDA approved drugs and prescribing doctors, there are scientists that have provided products that met the needs of even the most of particular of cases.

People that have problems with their skin and want to look younger use these supplements and are given the results that appear as to have turned back time and made them young again.

The doors of endless possibilities are now available at anyone’s finger tips to make what was once impossible, now possible.

Protandim has the ability to do what is preserved by some to turn back the clock to their earlier younger and more healthier years of life.

People using it have erased years and given themselves longer life.

This product has taken away their sicknesses and given them years back to their lives.

These products may as well help people live longer lives here on earth like they’ve done in the past history they lived around a lot longer than people today.

To believe there isn’t work out there just isn’t true.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has said that from and 2013 the multifactor productivity grew .9% and 1.1% in the private business sector. Which was more than 2012 and it continues to grow today.

Statistics have show that in the most recent years jobs have been increasing.

Work is out there for anyone willing to simply work hard enough at their passions and perfect their skills to turn their dreams into a reality.

There is hope for anyone to become anyone they want to be by just working at it.

Everything is connected like one big circle of possibilities.

Gary works for the company that sells the product that describe his working life.

The product like Gary have proven anything is possible.

In the working world jobs are available to all those that simply work for them.

People, history, supplements, and statistics all point to the endless possibilities of making dreams a reality. What are you willing to do to make your dream a reality?



LifeVantage: The companies office building


LifeVantage: The companies film studio


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