The Battleball Rexburg

There has been a number of different activities that can’t go unmentioned and the Battleball Rexburg is one activity that makes this bucket list.


It wouldn’t go without mention that there’s an exciting alternative way to play Soccer. If Zorb balls is something foreign to any readers then click on the word to watch what it is.

There’s a set up at the Zone called Battleball Rexburg where you and your friends can play soccer with a group of about 10 people. If you have a bigger group than 10 then that shouldn’t be a problem because people not physically fit to play become tired extremely quick and you can just rotate between people. The game is played like regular soccer except you are in these giant sphere blow up balls that are designed to make impact with other people fun. Being thrown to the ground or tripping in a real game of soccer can hurt and even leave scars but not with Zorb balls. You can knock over your friends and family in these giant balls and not have a scratch on you but instead leave laughing as you see you opponents go flying through the air and flip across the ground. Dress comfortable, like you would for any physical activity, because inside the Zorb balls can leave you sweating very profusely especially in long jeans.

The game is simply more exciting than any regular game you’d normally play with your friends. It’ll leave you with a long lasting impression of excitement and laughter with the people you attend with.

Here’s a video of our experience at the Battleball Rexburg: Click Here to watch


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